Drastically reduce overall printing costs with RXforPrint.

Wondering how to save on printing costs?

RXforPrint is an advanced, user-centric print assessment and print tracking tool for managed print.


RXforPrint provides comprehensive print analysis reports showing print activity by users, printers, and departments. We offer over 40 different reports to address these various needs.


Track print costs by account, by user, or by printer. RXforPrint allows you to quickly spot high-cost areas and take corrective action.


Monitor the progress of jobs and the health of printers. RxforPrint software sends alerts when things go wrong.

Try RXforPrint for free.

We offer a completely free 21-day trial of RXforPrint so you can see the benefits within your own organization. Download the installation guide and the RXforPrint installer to get started.


Download the RXforPrint Demo

  1. Download the RXforPrint Installer to begin the installation process.
  2. Follow the instructions in the installation guide.
  3. After the install process, please contact us at sales@apwi.com so we may issue a free temporary license for you to use our product.

Questions? We’re here to help

  • The download installer is an exe file.
  • For help with installation, contact us via email or at (949) 488-2222.
  • To remove the demo, please go to the Windows Control Panel and select Programs and Features. Select RXforPrint and then select Uninstall.
  • View our license agreement here.
  • Need more info? Check out our FAQs.