Key Features

RXforPrint is advanced user-centric print assessment and print tracking tool for managed print


RXforPrint provides comprehensive print analysis reports showing print activity by users, printers and departments


RXforPrint tracks print costs by account, by user or by printer

It allows you to quickly spot high cost areas and take corrective action

RXforPrint monitors the progress of jobs and health of printers

It sends alerts when things go wrong
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Customers finally have a comprehensive tool which helps them monitor and control printing costs.


By installing RXforPrint you can help your customers analyze their printing costs and offer solutions. RXforPrint can help you conduct print assessment by keeping a detailed record of jobs printed on all printers, including those attached locally to their computers.



We offer over 40 different reports to address various needs. Here is a sample of the more popular ones:

Print Activity Charts

For a quick glance at how much users were printing you may look at this report:

Activity By Department

Because RXforPrint is integrated with Active Directory we also produce reports by department:

Activity By User

Get a quick glance at user print activity with this report:


To list printers and see how many pages they printed you may use this report:


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