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Key Features

Converts IPDS to any Windows printer stream or PDF

Supports all IPDS functions of IBM InfoPrint

AFP IS/3 conformant software solution

Based on the most widely used IPDS software kernel

Black & white or full color printing
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IPDSXpress Product Details and Benefits

IPDSXpress™ is a cost-effective, software-only IPDS Print Server product, which can be installed in a matter of minutes on a Windows workstation or server, where it runs as a Windows Service.

It converts Intelligent Printer Data Stream (IPDS) into a format supported by Windows printer drivers for black & white or full color printing. Alternatively, it converts IPDS to PDF.

Supports stapling, hole punch, stacking and other finishing options. Prints on many different page sizes, including large sizes (A3, ledger). It also supports SNMP printer status and counters for accurate error reporting and recovery.

It protects your investment in IPDS applications by offering a much broader group of printing choices than those provided through hardware solutions.

IPDSXpress is easy to manage and to use. We provide clear, browser based interface:

Other Benefits

  1. IPDSXpress makes your PC appear as one or more IPDS printers to an IBM host. With true emulation of all IPDS printer functions you can print IPDS jobs on ANY laser, matrix or label printer.

  2. Provides Object Container Support:
    • Color Management Table
    • TrueType and OpenType fonts (both SBCS and DBCS)
    • Graphic Formats – GIF, IOCA Tile, JPEG, and TIFF

  3. IPDSXpress supports all IPDS functions of an IBM InfoPrint page printer including, Outline fonts, 2D barcodes (PDF417, Maxicode, etc.) and Full Color printing.

  4. With IPDSServe you can convert IPDS jobs to searchable PDF files. You may store or email them like any other PDF documents.

  5. The software kernel of IPDSXpress has the largest IPDS installed base in the market.

  6. IPDSXpress can change the host job to print in any resolution.

  7. Using Monochrome printers, you can configure whether Windows or the Printer should do the color simulation. This often leads to higher quality of color printing on monochrome printers.

  8. IPDSXpress gives you the option to divide a host job into one or more manageable sized Windows print files, containing a configurable number of pages per print file.

  9. IPDSXpress can override printer Tray definitions with configurable Tray and Paper definitions, including adjustable borders and paper rotation. You can even define your own custom paper formats.

  10. Utilizes up to 55MB storage for caching Outline/Scalable (LF3) and bitmapped/rasterized (LF1) fonts making them appear printer resident to the host.

Still More Questions?

    We will be happy to answer them. Please contact us for more information via email or call us at (949) 488-2222 Ext. 501.

Ready for a Demo?

    You are welcome to verify the benefits of IPDSXpress, IPDSServe or IPDSServe/PDF for yourself. Please follow the link for no obligation, fully functional demo.


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