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Key Features

Converts IPDS to any Windows printer stream or PDF

Supports all IPDS functions of IBM InfoPrint

AFP IS/3 conformant software solution

Based on the most widely used IPDS software kernel

Black & white or full color printing
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Follow the link to download Getting Started with IPDSXpress Guide (PDF format)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I have installed IPDSXpress and now it wants me to login. What is the password?
    The default login password for IPDSXpress is "admin".

  2. I have defined my printer yet it does not appear on the status page. What is wrong?

  3. You need to place a check-mark in the Activate box next to the printer definition and save your changes.

  4. I am receiving data and it is printing but some of the data is clipping off on the left and right sides. Why is this happening?
    Most network printers do not have the ability to print all the way to the edge of the paper. To fix this you need to get into the emulator setup and change the ‘Valid Printable Area (VPA)’ to FIT. This will tell IPDSXpress to shrink the size of the page to fit within the printable area of the printer.

  5. I am printing barcodes and my scanner does not see them as valid barcodes or only scans part of the data. What is the problem?
    In the emulator setup for IPDSXpress you need to increase the output resolution to 600dpi. On some printers, 300dpi is not sufficient to generate properly formatted barcode for a valid read from the barcode scanner.

  6. I have installed and configured it successfully. Its receiving data but nothing is printing on my printers?

  7. Check if the Windows Firewall is turned On. If it is then turn it off and try sending data to IPDSXpress again. Firewall could be blocking the communication between IPDSXpress and your printers.

  8. How can I buy IPDSXpress?
    Once you’ve logged in to IPDSXpress, find the links section and you will see a link to the Order Form. Just fill it out and email it to us at sales@apwi.com.


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