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HostServe Data Stream Conversion

Mainframe Printing
The Mainframe Printing capabilities of HostSeve allow legacy mainframe printing languages such as XES, LCDS/DJDE format metacode, Xerox VIPP, AFP and IPDS to be converted to other languages for document distribution. Documents that need to be printed on network printers, sent to a content management system or imaging system, delivered via fax server or e-mail system can be handled easily with HostServe.

LCDS/DJDE Metacode
Line Conditioned Data Streams (LCDS) and Dynamic Job Descriptor Entry (DJDE) are production printer languages developed by Xerox Corporation primarily to map data to forms. It combines print data stream specification, variable data printing and forms development. The output is targeted at Xerox laser printers. Resources, including forms, fonts, graphics and logos were developed with a variety of tools provided by many different companies. These were stored at the printer. When the print data stream was sent from the host to the printer, commands in the data stream referenced resources stored at the printer. The printers were generally directly connected to the host computer usually via Channel.

HostServe" takes LCDS printers data to any network printer, e-mail, fax server, or content management system. LCDS DJDE Format Metacode print streams either contain or allow the following:

  • Description of the input (type, format, characteristics)
  • Definition of processing functions (logical processing)

Description of the output (type, format, font selection, primary color selection, accounting options)
Unfortunately, LCDS printers and DJDE format metacode printers are expensive and difficult to maintain. HostServe™ allows mainframe document programmers to use a language with which they are familiar and allows existing applications to continue to print without modification while allowing you to print these jobs on more modern and less expensive printers and, perhaps more importantly, to distribute and archive documents electronically rather than in printed form. HostServe™ fully supports all LCDS DJDE Format Metacode commands as well as all JSL commands.

Xerox developed "Xerox Escape Sequence" (XES) as a departmental printer language. It allowed extensive document formatting include full facilities for forms, fonts, signatures, and logos and was supported on lower cost Xerox departmental printers.

HostServe" contains full emulation for XES printers allowing you to render any XES formatted document on virtually any printer or to publish it electronically. HostServe is APWI’s next generation suite of robust, flexible document delivery solutions for production printing, viewing, and archiving environments.

It saves time, effort, and money. It offers great freedom in the delivery and formatting of vital business information. HostServe’s document delivery and interconnectivity system is capable of transforming data streams from mainframe, network, and the web (LCDS DJDE/Metacode, XES, Xerox VIPP, AFP, IPDS, PCL, PostScript, TIFF, DOC, RTF and PDF) into an array of output formats (PCL, PostScript, TIFF, PDF, XML, HTML, EMF or ASCII).

Now HostServe will allow you to maintain those changes to XES forms easily and quickly by adding a new form, changing a logo or signature, importing new fonts and remapping the data with the use of a simple to use GUI. Move beyond conversion and to next level of document generation.



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