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HostServe Key Features

Xerox VIPP™ Printing

Variable Data Intelligent PostScript PrintWare (Xerox VIPP™). Xerox VIPP™ is a data stream for larger Xerox production laser printers.Xerox VIPP™ printers use a language created to develop resources such as forms, fonts, images, barcodes, and signatures, in black and white and color. Managing Xerox VIPP™ data streams for browsing, emailing, printing, trafficking along the network is done with HostServe. HostServe converts Xerox VIPP™ files into PCL, PS, PDF, TIFF, line printer, database, XML and indexes as required and with its enriched processing capabilities ensures reliability and data integrity to whatever the data output is.

HostServe™ contains full emulation for Xerox VIPP™ printers allowing you to render any VIPP formatted document on virtually any printer or to publish it electronically.

HostServe™ is APWI’s next generation suite of robust, flexible document delivery solutions for production printing, viewing, and archiving environments. It saves time, effort, and money. It offers great freedom in the delivery and formatting of vital business information.

HostServe’s document delivery and interconnectivity system is capable of transforming data streams from mainframe, network, and the web (LCDS DJDE/Metacode, XES, VIPP, AFP, IPDS, PCL, PostScript, TIFF, DOC, RTF and PDF) into an array of output formats (PCL, PostScript, TIFF, PDF, XML, HTML, EMF or ASCII).

For more information, please visit the Xerox VIPP™ Solution page.

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