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HostServe Repurposing, Tagging and Indexing

Repurpose Documents

Re-purposing documents is mainly used from improving the clarity and appearance of documents. Sometimes repurposing is used to make up entirely new documents. Whatever your need APWI’s re-purposing capability can do the job. Re-purposing is only available for text documents.

  • HostServe will check keys on a page and then determine what recipe it will use to repurpose the document. This gives the page a Document Type.
  • HostServe can take in any text document and repurpose it based on its document type . This is done by defining the areas of the page and defining the changes. These page areas are called “Viewports”. The Viewport specifications and the required changes are contained in a document Recipe.
  • Viewports allow HostServe to selectively look at specific areas of the page for data that is needed later in the document process.
  • HostServe will go through each of the Viewport areas sequentially and extract the data into separate tags for recipe processing.
  • Viewports are commonly triggered by the contents of the page, as the Viewports defined for Page 1 would not meet the criteria necessary to process Page 2.
  • Viewports can float up and down the page. An example of this would be a bill with a total that may appear at various places on the page depending on the number of items billed.
    • Customer can have as many Viewports on a page as desired.
    • Recipes can control data triggering of:

    o Text, reformatting, additions, deletions
    o Line Draw Graphics
    o Barcodes, OMR Marks
    o Charts, Business Graphics
    o Images, Sales Person, Contract, etc.

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