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HostServe Key Features

HostServe™ is a second-generation suite of robust, flexible, document delivery solutions for production for production printing, viewing and archiving environments that saves time, effort and money. It offers great freedom in the delivery and formatting of vital business information.

Data Stream Delivery Options

Printer Pools
HostServe™ jobs can be sent to a pool of printers. Printer pooling within HostServe™ allows the grouping of up to 10 printers. Load balancing and clustering options allow flexible control of printer utilization within a printer pool and are set within the HostServe™ interface. While a pool can contain only one type of printer – PCL, PostScript etc.-- each printer within the pool can be assigned different finishing options and commands.

Load Balancing and Clustering
Load balancing is sending a job to the next available printer. Clustering is analyzing the print job, parceling parts of the printing requirement to different printers within the cluster by sheet count or set count.

HostServe™ offers three options.

  1. Load Balancing:
    Output is sent to the next available printer in the pool.
  2. Automatic mode: for set or sheet splitting
    Output is divided between printers in the pool based on page or sheet count.
  3. Manual mode:
    Long jobs are evenly split between printers in the pool.

Load Balancing Printer Selection Criteria

  1. First in Printer List
    Always prints the processed job to the first printer in the pool regardless of its status.
  2. Next Available Printer
    Always prints the processed job to the next available printer in the list i.e. skip the busy printers in the pool. But start with the last printer assigned by the Load Balancer.
  3. Lowest Copy Count
    Always prints the processed job to the printer that has the lowest copy count (the printer that has the lowest no. of copies printed on it in the pool.)

The user can use any combination of the above three Options. For instance, if the user wants to split the jobs among the available printers in the list starting

Documentation Routing
HostServe™ provides the capability to route all your documents.Documents can be routed to a printer, send via email or send to a named directory. Through its indexing module, HostServe can harvest an email address or the destination directory name from the document itself and send the output via email to that address or route it to the directory. HostServe can also do in-direct routing. What this means is that if the routing information is inside some list or a database, HostServe can harvest the location of that list or database and hen interface with them to get the relevant information which could be an email address or destination directory.

The Routing feature can be applied to complete documents or to parsed documents from a job having sets of documents in it.

Documentation Modification
HostServe™ provides the real time capability to modify (Non-Graphic) documents. The documentation can be in most printing and document languages. The requirement for documentation modification comes mostly from document updating for using in mailing system or to satisfy government regulations. Of course Address updates and modification of both the document originator and recipient are one of the big user of this capability.

Document Repurposing
HostServe™ provides the capability to produce an ASCII output of most Non-Graphic) documents. This ASCII output is arranged so that the document is in top to bottom and left to right order regardless of the how the input document is arranged. These documents can either contain the original forms text, or have it suppressed. This feature works well with our LaserNet™ Product for document re-purposing or most other line printer re-mapper.


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