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HostServe Product Benefits

HostServe™ is a second-generation suite of robust, flexible, document delivery solutions for production for production printing, viewing and archiving environments that saves time, effort and money. It offers great freedom in the delivery and formatting of vital business information.

Other Simultaneous Outputs

Beside providing a printer, printer pool, or directory output, HostServe in the same pass can simultaneously provide the following outputs.

HostServe has an advanced Indexing capability. We are using the view port technology for the indexing. The indexing can be based on fixed form data location or keyed location, which means a location, specified by the user and the sub pieces of an area. The view port in each instance will go to the desired location and pick up the data. The data could be comma delimited or tab delimited or anything. For example, in the case of a telephone bill, the software will pick up the numbers from the bill and the total and make a new page out of that information or if you only want to pick up the total, you can specify that location and only the total amount would be picked up by the software.

A processed job can be archived through the software. The operator needs to set the ”Change Archive Flag” to yearly, monthly, weekly or daily.(He will also be notified if the archive folder reaches a certain size specified by him for any action he needs to take based on that info.) Archive folders can also have PCL files. The software will have a different folder for PostScript files. The software is intelligent enough to distinguish between the various types of jobs so the correct type of job goes into the respective archive folders.

Web Outputs
A job can be directly output to the web. This is particularly important for remote clients. Instead of using the fax or FTP facility, the operator can send the output directly to a secure website where it can be viewed by the intended users.

E-Mail Notification
HostServe is capable of sending e-mail notifications to the operator if a job does not process for any reason. The operator will receive the email in his mailbox with the description of the problem. There is no need to constantly monitor HostServe’s operation. After receiving the email, the operator can rectify the problem and send the same job for processing again. HostServe will not store the file anywhere so if there is a problem with the file then the file needs to be resent after the problem is rectified.

When jobs arrive at the server they are placed in the “Pending Jobs” window. These jobs can arrive as either automatically processed jobs, or as Manual Jobs. Automatic jobs are processed when print time is available. Held jobs can be released, or moved to another queue for processing. Held jobs can be viewed using the input file viewer. This viewer has Text, ASCII, EDBDIC, PCL, TIFF, PostScript, and PDF viewing capability.

When the jobs arrive, they are analyzed for PDL, Language, Job Name, and Type. At this time these jobs can automatically be placed in the correct queue for processing. These jobs can also be parsed into various sections, so that separate start commands, processing options, and printers, can be utilized for each section. This can be either a Manual or Automatic operation. The jobs can be combined so that larger jobs are submitted to the printers. This increases printer efficiency.

The operation of the spooler:
The operation of the spooler can occur in two modes, Automatic and Manual. In the Automatic mode all of the jobs arriving in the input queue are routed to the first available printer. The first printer is chosen from the idle printers based on one of the following methods:

  • Next Printer
  • Closest Printer
  • Lowest Print Count Printer
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