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HostServe FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I have to change my input data?
    No. HostServe takes in a wide variety of record types and languages.
  2. Can I use my existing Resources?
    Yes HostServe imports Fonts, Forms, Graphics, Jobs, and other common resources. HostServe imports almost all LCDS/DJDE VIPP, XES PDF, PCL, PostScript, BMP, and TIFF resources.
  3. Can I add new forms in PDF?
    Yes. You can make up new great looking forms and simply import them into HostServe and they will replace your older forms.
  4. Can I change my input from Bus and Tag to TCPIP?
    Yes. HostServe provides the capability to re-map the DJDE’s and other parameters when this change is made.
  5. What is the Quality of the Output?
    Great. Users are often surprised at the improved quality of the output on the new printers.
  6. What is the Installation Process?
    First get the installation Guide for your particular conversion from APWI. Then collect the necessary resources and test files. APWI
  7. Can I get additional features?
    Yes Additional outputs and index generation to feed content managers is common.
  8. What type of printers can I use?
    If you have documents that need edge-to-edge printing or can not be reduced then you need an edge to edge printer. Otherwise a normal printer is sufficient.
  9. How are trays and media handled?
    There is a separate tray mapping form each printer. Also, HostServe provides several types of Media formats, including Media to Tray conversions.
  10. Support Availability and Support Hours?
    Normal Support hours are 7:00 AM PST to 5:00 PM PST five days a week. Up to 24x7 is available at an extra change. Please see our Support page for more information.
  11. Can I mix Conversions and Drivers?
    Yes. Since HostServe is modular based, you can buy different input conversion modules and mix and match it with the output drivers.
  12. Can I use my own Hardware?
    Yes. Please look at our hardware recommendation for more information.
  13. Do you run on a Blade Server?
    Yes HostServe can run as a service. Our tech group will help you make the necessary registry entries.
  14. Can I input from UNIX using LPD/LPR?
    Yes, sometimes this needs a little customization depending on the requirements, i.e. banner page, and printer addressing, etc.
  15. What sort of Server is required?
    A windows workstations is sufficient. Remember that it must support enough connections to allow for the necessary inputs and printers.
  16. Can HostServe share a server?
    Of course. But remember that HostServe has been optimized to convert jobs as rapidly as possible so it is a little bit of a processor hog when it is running. This can be tempered by setting the priorities on the Server.

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