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HostServe BW and Color Burst

HostServe B/W Color Burst will save money by printing B/W copies on a monochrome printer and color copies on a color printer, then automate the job assembly electronically to save time and labor.

Customer Challenges:
Printing an entire B/W and Color job on a color printer is expensive.
Hand sorting jobs that have been printed on B/W and Color printers is labor intensive.
Merging Color and B/W pages into one job with offline equipment is a hassle.
Inserting color Chapter dividers and color cover pages is time consuming.

Solution Features:

  • Splitting: HostServe will split the printing to save money by printing color documents on a color printer and B/W documents on a monochrome printer.
  • Job Re-assembly: HostServe will automate the job re-assembly with automatic electronic collation.
    Two Pass Mode: HostServe will split and print the job. With the use of a post-production tray (interposer), HostServe will re-assemble the job at the printer.
  • Single Pass Mode: HostServe will print the job on the appropriate printer and offset stack copies for ease of re-assembly if no post-production tray is available.
  • All Inputs: HostServe will take in print ready documents in any format – legacy or network.
    Integrates with all HostServe modules.
  • Compatible with all PostScript and PCL printers.

Runs on Windows 2000, 2003 or XP
Connects to MVS, OS/390, UNIX (AIX) and Sun Solaris
Delivery Systems: Printers, E-Mail and FTP
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