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HostServe Commingling and Data Sorting

APWI's Mail Sort and Commingling program will save time and money by eliminating the manual sort process and will increase your business by sending your customers enhanced documents without changing the original application.

Sorting and Consolidation:
Document Sorting: Consolidate documents from different sources into one print file, resort by recipient and save postage with one mailing.

Stuffer Sorting: Resort by total number of mail piece pages to allow use of different types of envelopes.

Management Sorting: Sort documents for different reasons based on needs. Example, sorting documents for separate approvals or handling.

Zip Code Sorting: Host Serve reads the document address and sends this information to a postal presorting module for additional postage savings.

All inputs: Take database files or print ready (PCL, PostScript, PDF, TIFF, LCDS DJDE/Metacode, VIPP, AFP, or IPDS) files for consolidation, commingling, and conversion to PCL, PostScript, TIFF or PDF.

Variable Data Document Generation and Repurposing: Rebuild any form and remap the data, or add color to the form for a new presentation. Move the address blocks to fit the window of different envelopes or change the form.

Variable Data Driven Graphics: Generate a beautiful and powerful new graphic from information in a database or a print file.

Telescoping: save money by printing multiple up jobs on larger sized paper. Documents are sorted correctly for cutting, insertion and mailing.

Add Inserter Controls: Bar codes and OMR marks can be added to the print job to take advantage of folders and inserters.

Eliminate Duplication: Don’t send two letters when one will do.

Indexing: Index any source document in the system for easier archiving or label generation.

Print Accounting Log: Count the number of pages printed and keep track of media types (paper size, stock, etc) for accurate billing.

Archiving: save jobs, put them on a web site, or into an imaging and content management system via FTP.

Clustering: Shortens the time to run large print jobs by splitting or parsing the job to many printers.

Runs on Win 2000, Server 2003, XP, Vista, Win 7 and Server 2008
Connects to MVS, OS/390, UNIX (AIX) and Sun Solaris
Delivery Systems: Printers, PDF, E-Mail, US Mail and FTP
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