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HostServe Case Studies

HostServeā„¢ is a second-generation suite of robust, flexible, document delivery solutions for production for production printing, viewing and archiving environments that saves time, effort and money. It offers great freedom in the delivery and formatting of vital business information.

HostServe™ document delivery and interconnectivity system is capable of transforming data streams from mainframe, network and web into an array of output formats. It can integrate communication solution with tremendous flexibility. Hostserve is universally beneficial for all mainframe, network environments because it combines document creation, integrated connectivity, printer emulations, print queue management, intelligent print drivers, and PDF indexing tools.

Chevron - DJDE printing
Challenge ~ Wanted to reduce operating costs and replace its DJDE printer with a printer that was accessible to the entire user community and able to handle the Xerox data stream generated by the mainframe applications.
Solution ~HostServe converted all the forms fonts and data that were used by the DJDe printer and the output from the mainframe is virtually identical to that produced by the DJDe printer.
Hardware ~ Mainframe, DJDE printer
pdf ~ read more on Barcodes printing at TNT.

Peninsula Regional Medical Center- Xerox VIPP
Challenge ~ Required high-speed, high-performance and high-reliability printers capable of printing a myriad of forms in various fonts and colors. Software capable of converting Xerox VIPP to other printer compatible languages.
Solution ~HostServe converted the Xerox VIPP to PCL and PostScript and met all the output requirements to be sent to three 105 Multi-functional printers. Made all the output including the Xerox VIP compatible with new printers, offering lower maintenance overhead. Enabled printer management functions to be coded into data streams to tell the printers which trays, queue, resources, and alternative backup routes were required.
Hardware ~ Three 105 Multi-functional printers
pdf ~ read more onPeninsula regional Medical Center case study.

Siemens - DJDE/Metacode
Challenge ~ Production printer solution and a print platform to handle all printing output requirements. Capacity, speed, Reliability, maintenance, compatibility, convert Xerox printer data streams to PCL for output on network printers.
Solution ~ DJDEServe converted the Xerox DJDE/Metacode to PCL to be sent to five 105ppm printers, two 85ppm 7,500 page capacity and two 25 ppm high-resolution color printers which resulted in more rapid response time, greater reliability, improvement in throughput capacity.
Hardware ~ five 105 ppm printers, two 85ppm and two 25ppm color printers.
pdf ~ read more on Siemens Westinghouse case study.

PCI - Commingling and Data sorting
Challenge ~ Convert mainframe IBM/AFPDS data to PCL, manipulate data to eliminate manual sorting, add barcodes and OMR marks to the job, mail each recipient correspondence in one envelope, convert to a multiple up formats to save money, reposition customer addresses to match window envelope, add document set numbers for total job integrity.
Solution ~ HostServe with its mail consolidation and commingling module was able to solve those issues and provide dedicated service, support and training.
Hardware ~ Two 105 ppm printers
pdf ~ read more on PCI case study.

UC Davis - Disaster Recovery
Challenge ~ Convert mainframe IBM/AFPDS data and mainframe Xerox LCDS DJDE/Metacode data to PCL, distribute production printing to network printers, eliminate the need to print form channel, print on printers with no click charges, eliminate one large mainframe printer.
Solution ~ HostServe with its IBM and Xerox conversion modules was able to solve those issues and provide dedicated service, support and training.
Hardware ~ Network printers
pdf ~ read more on UC Davis case study.

Mercury Insurance- Database Reprinting and Inserter Module
Challenge ~ Required a robust solution to send PCL jobs to the printers and simultaneously send MRDF files to the Inserter for the automatic printing and stuffing of envelopes. Also required a reprint capability to print from anywhere inside the job based on policy number and customer information criteria.
Solution ~ HostServe provided the above with its Inserter and Database reprinting module.
Hardware~ Pitney Bowes Inserter, Printers
pdf ~ read more on Mercury Solution.

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