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HostServe Product Benefits


  • Deliver all enterprise to any printer, viewer, enterprise content management system, e-mail or fax and save money by increasing delivery efficiency.
  • Manage company information and delivery from a server without effecting Host computer programming
  • Protect investment in legacy applications by eliminating the need to rewrite code.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by delivering information in any format efficiently.
  • Enable customers to mix and match computers and printers as required.
  • Re-purpose documents by building new documents and mapping the data with HostServe.
  • Take any data from any source and convert it to any needed output.
  • Save money by delivering information via printers, fax, e-mail, or FTP.
  • Eliminates expensive mainframe re-programming.
  • Putting all information in a common, long-lived format allowing customers to view or print their information for years to come.
  • This eliminates the need to keep printers for their legacy language use only.
  • HostServe accelerates time to market by enhancing content management systems.
  • Customer satisfaction increases and supply chain becomes more efficient.
    Provides flexible routing of print jobs to facilitate “Distribute and Print” and “Viewing” with a 100% print guarantee.
  • All output is converted to retain the exact look of the original.
  • Enables IS managers to mix and match computers and printers as required and deliver information across the enterprise.
  • Multi-channeling: Allows HostServe to process the input files only once and all outputs are generated at the same time delivering the file to a printer, a printer pool, to the web, ECM archival system, or a file.
      Indexing: Indexing is done simultaneously and the jobs only need to be sent once, increasing efficiency and eliminating frustration.
  • User Installable: Customers can install and set up the product.
  • Integrated Network Spooler: Easy to control, retain, print, view, and reprint jobs with start and stop by page.
  • Robust GUI: Allows viewing of the inputs, resources, and outputs as well as easy use of drag and drop.
    Print Logs: Tells you who got what, when, and where.
  • E-Mail Notifications: User can be notified by E-mail of alternate printer locations used or any problem that needs your attention.
  • Multiple Resource Directories: Allows you to keep departments, divisions and companies resources separate for easy maintenance.
  • Output Enhancement: Print can be upgraded to 600 dpi. Yes, you can go from 600 dpi to 300 dpi to reduce file size for storage or processing.
  • Secure Directories: For signatures, or any special resources that need to be protected.
  • Load Balancing and Clustering: All inputs can drive the load balancing and clustering system.
  • Indexing of the print Job: All of the input streams except the graphic streams can be indexed.
  • Extensive Variable Data Printing Capability:
      Create pages from a database with flash forms
      Re-format a Line Printer page and add a flash form
      Create an automatic bar code job to handle sys-out data
      Correct and improve the appearance of PCL, PS, PDF, and IPDS jobs
      Reads the input data and correctly format individual pages.
  • Extended Command Scripts: Available in PCL, AFP, DJDE/Metacode, XES, Database/XML, Line Printer, PDF, TIFF, .DOC, .RTF, PostScript, and IPDS.
  • File Separation, Combination, and Cleaning: Eliminate the need to change the original application, and run printers at their rated speed.
  • Finishing Detection and Processing Capability: With PJL, XRX, KDK, Media Call, and PostScript finishing command detection, pre- and post-processing files are no longer needed. Finishing output uses Print PDT (Print Definition Tables) to drive many types of printers. A flexible control system enables the right finishing for each job.


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