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Customer Support Policy

American Printware’s goal is to provide world-class customer support. We guarantee that our products will perform as advertised. Customers with a valid maintenance agreement are welcome to contact us Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm Pacific Time by calling 949.488.2222.

All other request for support should contact us via our web site or e-mail.
The following contact information will help you in contacting us in the efficient manner.

American Printware, Inc.

Phone: 949.488.2222
E-mail: support@apwi.com

We believe that good customer service begins with general agreement on basic responsibilities and expectations. This brief overview will give you a snap shot of American Printware Inc.’s customer support policies and practices. Please contact us if you require a more detailed description of our policies.

The time required for an installation can vary greatly. Please consult APWI Sales and Support for your custom estimate of how long your installation and training will take. APWI usually installs remotely by first delivering the product and guiding the end user through installation and initial setup of software product(s).
APWI does offer on site installation. Please consult your APWI Sales and Support staff for a custom quote for this option.
Free product specific installation and pre-installation documentation is available on the APWI web site.

Your American Printware, Inc. License and maintenance agreement provides unlimited telephone customer support during our normal business hours—8:00am to 5:00pm Pacific time—related to the operation and configuration of American Printware provided products. Your American Printware license and maintenance agreement provides all upgrades to your American Printware products for as long as you keep your maintenance and license accounts active. Customers must provide backup and emergency recovery of their American Printware systems. American Printware support does not cover reinstallation in a substantially modified environment. Additional on site support can be provided at American Printware’s current daily consulting rate plus reimbursement for all travel related expenses.

American Printware offers extended hour support (24 hours, 7 days a week.) This service is an additional fee service and involves both a yearly fee and a per incident charge. Support outside of normal APWI business hours is limited to product operation and emergency restore operations. Support for printing errors, that is, jobs that print but do not render correctly is limited by the configuration capabilities of the program.

The staff at American Printware endeavors to provide world-class customer support. We believe that this can best be accomplished through understanding of our customer needs, with the cooperation of our customers, and through the definition of responsibilities assigned to both parties. We will do our best to meet our customer’s support needs in a timely and professional manner.

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