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Document Distribution Solution

Document Distribution
In today’s growing industry, document distribution is turning out to be of paramount importance. The efficient and timely distribution of documents is becoming more and more critical to the growth of companies and the document industry.

Major Distribution System
Documents are required to be sent to printers, emailed or faxed to customers in a timely manner. There is also a need for an internal error generation module as any error in distributing a document can be costly. Swift reporting and resolution of errors becomes a higher priority. HostServe has the ability to do both i.e. detect and report errors.

Introducing HostServe
American PrintWare Inc.’s HostServe is a Windows based document delivery and interconnectivity system capable of transforming mainframe, network, and web data streams (SNA Character String, LCDS DJDE/Metacode, XES, AFP, IPDS, Xerox VIPP™, Line Printer, PCL, PostScript, PDF, TIFF, JPEG, DOC, RTF, HTML, EMF) into an array of output formats (PCL, PostScript, PDF, TIFF, JPEG, BMP, HTML, XML, ASCII or Database, with associated indexes) and offers the user great freedom in the delivery and formatting of vital business information. Users can view, edit/repurpose, index, sort, print, and archive documents—regardless of origination—anywhere, at any time using a wide variety of printers, viewers, archival, content management or document management systems.

HostServe provides the capability to distribute documents to multiple users. HostServe can route documents over a network to printers, email documents, fax documents, or provide them to a mailing service.

HostServe scans the documents and detects the document type. The document is indexed and the index is used to address the document. The index is forwarded to a database that returns the addressing information. This addressing information can be a list of addresses (email addresses, fax numbers, printer IP addresses etc.). One single document can be sent to multiple locations.
Documents that cannot be delivered are routed to the exception area. If a document could not be sent to the printer, HostServe will detect it and send it to the exception handling devise. Similarly, a failed email and fax delivery will be considered as an exception. The exception area stores email, fax, and printable documents that failed the delivery process.

In addition to the exceptions area, HostServe provides a list of all documents delivered, and an archive of the documents successfully delivered.

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