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Content Management Solution

Interfacing with a Content Manager
Content managers commonly require documents in a particular format and also require an index. However, documents come in a variety of print languages and rarely have indexes. To resolve this HostServe has been designed to work as an interface to most content management software packages.

Introducing HostServe
American Printware’s HostServe is a Windows based document delivery and interconnectivity system capable of transforming mainframe, network, and web data streams (SNA Character String, LCDS DJDE/Metacode, XES, AFP, IPDS, Xerox VIPP™, Line Printer, PCL, PostScript, PDF, TIFF, JPEG, DOC, RTF, HTML, EMF) into an array of output formats (PCL, PostScript, PDF, TIFF, JPEG, BMP, HTML, XML, ASCII or Database, with associated indexes) and offers the user great freedom in the delivery and formatting of vital business information. Users can view, edit/repurpose, index, sort, print, and archive documents—regardless of origination—anywhere, at any time using a wide variety of printers, viewers, archival, content management or document management systems.

HostServe when used as a “Content Management Interface”,

  • HostServe accepts the following data types: PCL, PostScript, PDF, DJDE, XES, Xerox VIPP, AFP, IPDS, TIFF, .DOC, .RTF and Line Printer.
  • HostServe detects the type of document using its sophisticated page processing capabilities. Using criteria supplied by the customer, HostServe uses information directly from the page to build the index. The index can then be placed anywhere the customer wishes.
  • HostServe then converts the print files into the correct format for the customer’s content manager. The document type provides the information for the naming and bursting. These formats can be:
    • PDF Named and Burst by document. PDF documents are indexable and text searchable.
    • TIFF single or multi-pages, named by document (any index field). Resolution can be set to desired value, 600, 300, and 204 dpi.
    • DJDE/Meta, DJDE LCDS named and burst by document
    • PCL5e named and burst by document
  • HostServe can also distribute the Document to its final destination. This allows HostServe to both place the document into the content manager and distribute it for print or viewing at a location of the customer’s choosing. See Document Distribution Solution for more information on this capability.

Please contact sales by email or call 949-488-2222 for your solution needs.


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