Why do I need to worry about security on my Printer?

Printers are looking more and more like workstations as far the network is concerned. While workstations have anti-virus and other protection tools, a lot of printers do not. Knowing what to disable and enable on your print device can protect you from a potential breach.

What can someone do to me through a Printer?

Access confidential data on the printer, use the printer as a spring board past your network firewall to access file servers and network resources, compromise User names and Passwords to access restricted material, and many other things.

What can I do to secure my printers?

A few simple first steps would be to make sure that the Telnet and FTP options available to a lot of printers are disabled; these are usually on by default and unless you are using them can leave you vulnerable. Also contact your printer manufacturer and see if they have any Anti-Malware software that can be run on their printer, this will help keep unwanted programs from executing on your print device and leaving you open to further penetration.

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