Why would I need help with my device setup, can’t I just call the dealer/manufacturer?

Sure, you can call them but the first thing they’ll want is a maintenance contract. If you already have one then by all means call them. But if you don’t, if you bought the printer second hand then maybe someone who’s done it before can help.

What do you mean by device setup, isn’t that automatic?

Device setup is configuring the printer so that workstations on your network can print to it… and no, it is not automatic. The Internal configuration of the Device needs to be done so that it can connect to your network and then your network needs to be setup so that your users can print to it. All of this takes time and each print device is a bit different so having someone who knows this could be crucial to getting it deployed quickly.

Can I perform the device setup myself?

Absolutely, there is commonly a quick start guide or user guide that comes along with the product that should walk you through the entire process. What you do want to do after that is make sure you go through all the options and make sure they are set the way you and your organization wants them set. The guides tend to set the device up for a default setup and this may not be acceptable to you organizational structure or security needs.


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