I cannot get this job to print no matter what I do, it keeps printing garbage, what can I do?

Knowing what the data is and how it should be printed is the first step. Analysis of the data using a Hex editor or viewer can usually point out the types of data in just a few minutes if you know what to look for.

It looks like garbage in the Hex viewer, what next?

Then it is probably a print ready binary file. Determining which one will tell you which tools to use to print it. This can be difficult especially if you do not have any knowledge of those binary languages. It could be PCL5 or 6, IPDS, AFP, Metacode, Postscript or any of a dozen others and each of them has different requirements for printing.

What types of files are there and how can I tell which is which?

Some of the more common are the following:

PDF: will start with a %PDF- at the beginning.

Postscript: will have a %%!PS at the beginning.

PCL5: will start with an Escape E. In Hexadecimal that will be a 1B 45.

PCL6: will commonly start with a %12345X and then be completely unreadable for the most part.

Zip files: will start with an FF as the first 2 characters.

These are some of the most common file types that you may run across but there are others and Dr. Print can help with those.

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