What is connectivity? Connectivity is getting two unlike systems to talk to each in a way that will allow you to perform the function you need to perform What kind of connectivity issues can happen in relationship to Print? There are a number of them. From Improper configuration to not having the correct communications protocol […]

Data Compatibility/Legacy Print

I cannot get this job to print no matter what I do, it keeps printing garbage, what can I do? Knowing what the data is and how it should be printed is the first step. Analysis of the data using a Hex editor or viewer can usually point out the types of data in just […]

Device Setup

Why would I need help with my device setup, can’t I just call the dealer/manufacturer? Sure, you can call them but the first thing they’ll want is a maintenance contract. If you already have one then by all means call them. But if you don’t, if you bought the printer second hand then maybe someone […]

Printer Security

Why do I need to worry about security on my Printer? Printers are looking more and more like workstations as far the network is concerned. While workstations have anti-virus and other protection tools, a lot of printers do not. Knowing what to disable and enable on your print device can protect you from a potential […]

The Doctor is in!

Dr. Print is a service provided by American Printware designed to help you with any and all printing issues and needs. From how to do something to where to find something the Doctor can help and make your life easier.