Complete Backup

Our system employs image-based backups, which take full snapshot of all files and folders on your drives.

The backups are gradually transferred to a cloud.

Disaster Recovery

The image copies in the cloud are used to recreate your "bare metal" servers.

We can even run your applications directly from the cloud to bring them up faster.

Data Restore

Any file which you accidently delete can be restored at a moment's notice.

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How Safe Is Your Data?

Would your business survive a virus attack or a natural disaster?

If you are located in Southern California we can help

Does CryptoLocker virus scare you?

  • CryptoLocker virus is one of the nastiest. It encrypts your files and demands a ransom. In the US even some police departments had to pay it to get their files back.

    Not all antivirus tools are able to stop CryptoLocker in time. Often they detect it only after some files already have been encrypted. To recover you need to restore files.

    With our proven technology you can take high frequency data backups and keep multiple versions. This is excellent protection against many unforeseen problems. We also offer one of the fastest restore times. Should the virus attack your downtime will be minimal   more ...

When Hurricane Sandy arrived some businesses were ready:
  • A Hedge Fund, in Manhattan had its offices flooded but the very next day it was up and running by using the same proven disaster recovery methods and technology as offered by us   more ...

Highly Proven Methods and Technology

We offer the same highly proven disaster recovery methods and technology in Southern California as were used in the aftermath of the Hurricane Sandy.

Free Consultation

For a free consultation to help you assess your data backup needs please call us at (949) 488-2222 ext. 501 or send us email.